Transforming live matches from accessible to immersive.

Feel The Game.

From the amount of swerve on a free kick, to the strength of a tackle, our haptic technology enables visually impaired football fans to feel the action for themselves, without relying solely on a commentator’s interpretation. Our advanced computer vision model ensures that the game is delivered to the fans in real time.      


How it works

How we bring the action on the field to the device.


Our specialised algorithm uses computer vision to track the location of the ball on the pitch.


These exact coordinates find the location of the ball and send it to our device in real time. 


Our device uses this location to move a physical finger-piece that matches the position of the ball in the game.


Haptic motors combined with auditory feedback further immerses the user in the match.

Meet The Team

We are three lifelong friends and technology students who wanted to work together and try make a difference in the world.

Omar Salem
Co-Founder & CEO

Omar is the CEO and Head Engineer of FOV and is studying aerospace engineering at Queen’s University Belfast.
David Deneher
Co-Founder & COO

David is studying Computer Science and Business at Trinity College, Dublin. He is the team's Graphic Designer and Chief Operations Officer .

Tim Farrelly
Co-Founder & CTO

Tim is entering his 2nd year studying engineering at Trinity College, Dublin. He works on our Computer Vision model and is the Chief Technology Officer. 

Coming Soon

P: +353 85 753 9319

Our technology will be in the hands of visually impaired football fans early Summer 2021. We’re starting with football, but are expanding more sports in the future. Get involved by filling out the contact form below.